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YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown Just Received A Very Special Gift!

One of YouTube’s most popular sub-populations is the gaming community, and the members of this community are pretty serious. That being said, we also often see popular YouTube gamers like PewDiePie and Markiplier having the best time behind the controller.  Needless to say, it’s entering a completely different world where we’re all created equal. The epic gaming channel known as UpUpDwnDwn has just received a very special gift from YouTube. For all those gamers out there who also happen to be wrestling fans, you may have heard of this channel already.

UpUpDpwnDown (without the O’s on IG and Twitter) is a gaming channel dedicated to all those passionate gamers. Austin Creed, who also happens to be a wrestler for WWE, hosts his very own gaming channel full of guest stars, tournament play, and behind the scenes shenanigans!

After hitting the epic milestone of 1 million subscribers on YouTube, the Gold Play Button was sent to Austin’s door!

We’re totally excited and honestly really happy that the gaming/wrestling channel has been awarded one of YouTube’s happiest milestone. As a wrestling talent, it’s hard enough to maintain a personal life, but this channel is proof that someone who’s on the road 300 (random guess, but close) days out of the year can still make a successful YouTube channel!

To help celebrate the wonderful world of gaming, we’re gonna share our 3 favorite UpUpDownDown vids!

1. One of UpUpDownDown’s most popular tournaments is the Madden Tournament, where fellow wrestlers compete for undisputed glory. The undefeated champ, Seth Rollins, was challenged to a rematch!

2. Then the ladies showed the men just how savvy they were behind the controller! Plus, the winner gets spicy redemption!

3. NFL players also get down on Austin’s channel! Surprise, surprise – playing on the field is very different from video game play!

Congrats again UpUpDownDown!


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