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YouTube Wonderland Discovery: Brandon Combs

You guys know how we love to fall down YouTube rabbit holes, right?

In fact, our favorite type of YouTube rabbit hole to fall down is one that we lovingly refer to as ‘YouTube Wonderland‘, which really just translates to the idea of finding musical artists or videos that we wouldn’t normally see unless you were madly clicking through content based on nothing but ‘recommended for you’ videos.

So in today’s segment of ‘who can we find’, we discovered none other than Brandon Combs who delivers a killer drum cover of  Moonchild’s “Every Part (For Linda)” along with a video recorded and engineered by Eddie Ponce.

As it turns out it should be no surprise to us that Brandon is so impressive. One quick google search taught us a lot about him, and what we’re really wondering is why he hasn’t gone viral yet?

Not only is he a drummer, he’s also a producer and has his own production company called Trap Noir AND has been involved with the Grammy Foundation since he was 15 years old, paving the way for him to have to opportunity to work with Keith Urban, Moonchild, Dave Koz, Brian Culbertson, Stephen, Vidya Vox, The Internet/Syd the Kid and Gallant.

So yea, we officially feel lazy in comparison.

Make sure you check out the rest of Brandon’s channel right here, and catch him on tour with Vidya Vox, in Mauritius, Feb 20-27!


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