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Youtuber Arrested For Threatening Google After His Account Was Deleted

Youtuber arrested for threatening google after his account was deleted, little did he know his wife deleted it.

33-year-old Kyle Long was arrested for attempting to show up at Google’s Mountian View, CA headquarters and threaten violence over his belief that Youtube had deleted his account.

Kyle’s father Kevin Long, told NBC that Kyle’s wife (who was not named) was the one who took down the channel.

“His wife took it down as soon as he put it up,” he said. “It was dumb; it was crazy. He showed it to me and it was the most bizarre thing. It wasn’t reality.”

Kyle drove to the Google headquarters with three baseball bats and was arrested after being spotted on the 101 Freeway heading to Mountain View.

Kyle was officially charged with making criminal threats and is being held at the Santa Clara County Jail. His bail is $25,000.

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