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This YouTuber Is Celebrating 5 Years!

Today marks 5 years since Jacksepticeye uploaded his first ever YouTube video!

While Jacksepticeye technically joined the platform in 2007, he didn’t upload his first video until 2012 and it’s fair to say, it was the beginning of quite an era! He posted about the milestone on Twitter and fans from all over have been sending him has been sending him congrats and well wishes.

We took a peek down memory lane and found his video from November 12, 2012 and it’s very cool to see how far he’s come in a mere five years. Gotta say, we are here for the contrast of first uploads to most recent uploads of seasoned YouTubers. It’s hilarious to see where they’ve started and to see just how much they’ve grown and learned. Jacksepticeye is no exception; check out his first ever video here:

The videogame commentator/player has grown his brand to incredibly impressive numbers in five years. We mentioned just last week that he hit the 17 million milestone on the platform, which is even more amazing when you look at the time it took him to get there. To celebrate his 5-year mark, Jacksepticeye did a livestream with a Q&A for fans, and it was really cool to see him engage with the masses that have helped get him this far.

A huge congrats to Jacksepticeye – we can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring!


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