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YouTuber Collab’s We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Getting a notification from YouTube that your favorite vlogger has uploaded new content is 10x sweeter if the video features another fan favorite.

Most top YouTuber’s are household names who don’t need any special guests to keep up their subscriber and view count so it’s always a surprise when a collab comes along.  There are also those vloggers who gel so well together that they might as well just partner up and become an official duo like Jeffree Star and James Charles.  The two MUA’s and entrepreneurs are highly skilled YouTube OG’s who can keep viewers glued to their channels for hours.

Other pairs like Cody Ko and Noel Miller still have separate channels but give fans a dose of their collective talents once a week on their hilarious “Tiny Meat Gang” podcast.  Whether they’re super inappropriate like David Dobrik and Josh Peck or their super adorable with amazing chemistry like Liza Koshy and Gabbie Hanna, we want more!  Check out our fav collabs below:

1. Liza Koshy & Gabbie Hanna – Tasting Australian Foods!!

2. Josh Peck & David Dobrik – Losing Your V Card With David Dobrik (Awkward First Time)

3. The Rock & Lilly Singh – How To Be A YouTube Star

4. Jeffree Star and James Charles – Style Swap

5. Cody Ko & Noel Miller – That’s Cringe: Girl Defined Edition

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