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YouTuber Danny Vega Rips His Casa Grande Hometown To Shreds In Latest Vlog

Vlogger and former Casa Grande, Arizona resident, Danny Vega, slammed his hometown so hard he ended up in the local newspaper.

In a two-minute video, YouTuber Danny Vega pokes fun at his hometown of Casa Grande, Arizona.  The 29-year-old is currently a New York resident but that didn’t stop him from giving followers a tour of where he was born and raised.  While traveling through popular locations in the neighborhood and showing off popular landmarks, Danny makes hilarious remarks that apparently didn’t sit to well with the residents including his mother.

“This is kind of a cool neighborhood…It’s not done and it never will be!” Danny screams as he hangs off the monkey bars in an empty underdeveloped park.

“Gabe White is the only park with a racquetball court…also known as where the kids do drugs!”

Even though you can’t tell from the video, Danny says he’s actually pretty fond of Casa Grande.  He spoke with the local newspaper, Pinal Central, in order to clear up the controversy once his vlog went viral.

“I actually really like it,” Danny told PinalCentral.

In the YouTuber’s defense, he’s also made fun of Penn Station and LaGuardia Airport in New York.  Press play above to see the full video.


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