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YouTuber Furry Potato Shot While Filming Security Guard Outside Of A Synagogue

45-year-old social justice warrior and YouTuber Furry Potato pulled off a stunt that almost cost him his life.

YouTuber Zhoie Perez aka Furry Potato is making headlines after he was shot in the leg while filming a security guard outside of the Etz Jacob Congregation synagogue/Ohel Chana High School in Los Angeles on Thursday.  She uploaded a video which starts right after a security guard pulls out a weapon on the vlogger.

“He said if I moved he’s gonna shoot me dead,” Furry Potato says before a gunshot is heard.  Afterward, she can be heard screaming, “Fucker shot me! Fucker shot me in the leg! Fuck!”

While the incident is unfortunate its worth noting that Furry belongs to a society of YouTuber’s who refer to themselves as 1st Amendment auditors.  They regularly show up at government locations and film their interactions with authorities and officials.  Sometimes these confrontations can lead to arrests but in Furry’s case, it went a step further.  The Verge reported that some YouTuber’s have gone this route in order to gain a large following and not because they are passionate about social issues.

“A California law enforcement nonprofit issued a warning that some people had started recording officers in “the hopes of … [having] a poor contact with law enforcement, resulting in a violation of their 4th Amendment rights and or a bad arrest,” reported the publication.

The LAPD updated the public on the incident with a statement released earlier this week.  They shared that Furry had sustained “non-life threatening injuries” and the security guard involved in the altercation had been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

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