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YouTuber Josh Cahill Shares ‘Horror Flight’ Experience Aboard Malaysia Airlines

Despite Josh Cahill getting prior approval from Malaysia Airlines to film his flight, the YouTuber claims he was treated horribly.

Travel vlogger Josh Cahill, the owner of GoTravelYourWay, thought that posting a review mid-flight of the terrible service he received from Malaysia Airlines would turn the experience around, but it did the exact opposite.  Before his viral post, he received unfriendly service, inedible food, and lukewarm coffee with creamer that appeared expired.  The final straw for Josh was when he realized his in-flight entertainment system was broken.  He would have to go without television for the remainder of his 14-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to London.  The YouTuber posted a review on his Instagram for all of his 24,000+ followers to see and he also tagged Malaysia Airlines.

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I’m only halfway through my flight to London and I can already say that this is the most disappointing flight of the year. Very unfriendly crew (where did the amazing Malaysian hospitality go?), broken inflight entertainment (asked the crew to fix it and they never got back to me) which leaves me 13 hours without entertainment, dreadful food served on a sticky and filthy tray and on top of that I was probably assigned the worst seat on that plane… sorry @malaysiaairlines but this was/is a really poor performance. Stayed tuned for the full review, soon on my YouTube! However, Malaysia will always be my favorite country 🇲🇾❤️ . #gotravelyourway #avgeek #aviationgeek #instagramaviation #businesstraveller #instaplane #aviationlovers #luxurytravel #businessclass #aviation4u #firstclasstravel #airlinegeeks #aviationdaily #aviationdaily #aviationblogger #bloggerlife #youtuber #joshcahill #malaysiaairlines #mh04 #london #uk #malaysia #kualalumpur #nightmare

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The post was brought to the attention of the cabin crew who were apparently offended by the scathing review.  This is when Josh says the service went from bad to horrible.  He claims he was bullied for the rest of the flight shortly after the post.

“After the captain was informed mid-flight by the (airline’s headquarters) about my post they asked me why I would post and complain,” Cahill told news.com.au.  “They started ignoring me then, wouldn’t offer me any water when the crew came around. They then told me I should stop filming or I won’t get served anymore.”

Once Josh landed, an airline employee greeted him with a sign that had the vlogger’s name on it.

“When we landed in London, there was a guy standing inside the jet bridge with a sign with my name on it. I was afraid that they would make me delete my footage,” he told the publication.

He met with a manager who apologized for the experience.  Josh also says many other Malaysia Airlines employees, including the CEO, emailed him ‘template’ apologies.  He believes that these apologies were more about damage control than actual concern for his experience.

Malaysia Airlines has responded publicly to Josh’s claims with a statement sent to SAYS.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and regret if the passenger felt standards were below expectations on this occasion. The crew was unable to accommodate his request for an upgrade as the aircraft was at capacity in first and business class.  As soon as we were made aware of Mr. Cahill’s grievances, we contacted him directly and offered a full refund for his journey. We are taking his accusations seriously and conducting a review into what happened.” 

Press play above to see Josh Cahill’s full review.
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