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YouTuber Kurtis Baute Seals Himself In A Jar To Bring Awareness To Climate Change

Kurtis Baute seals himself in an air-tight greenhouse glass jar with 200 plants.

Kurtis Baute is a YouTuber who is using his platform to change the world.  The Vancouver native is extremely passionate about the environment and like most, he is concerned about the dangers of climate change.  So he’s sealing himself in a glass jar full of plants.  Kurtis was inspired by a similar experiment in the 1700s where two mice were sealed in separate glass jars, one with a plant, one without.  The mouse housed in a jar with the plant survived while the other did not.

Kurtis is aware that this experiment could be detrimental to his health but he says he has family and paramedics on standby.  He’ll also be monitoring his vitals and will cut his greenhouse stay short if necessary.

“I have hard lines on a bunch of different variables that’ll tell me it’s time to get out of there.  If all goes well, we should stay very clear of any risk before it becomes bad for my health. That’s the goal, but it’s hard to say what’ll really happen in there.”

He’s willing to go through this trouble because he believes it’s the only way people will pay attention to the realities of climate change.

“People don’t want to read horrible, sad, depressing stories, that’s not fun,” he said. “But maybe they’ll enjoy watching a video about a guy who’s sort of torturing himself. Maybe that’d be entertaining in a way that engages enough people.”

The experiment begins on Wednesday, Oct. 24 and Kurtis will be documenting the entire journey on his YouTube channel.  He hopes that through his channel he can inspire others to work for a healthier environment and a safer world.

“I think [the environment is] incredible and I also see what we’re doing to it. It has caused me more than one sleepless night,” he said. “I think issues like climate change will only change if enough people get on board with it and make fundamental changes to their lifestyles.”


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