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Which YouTuber Did PETA Just Team Up With?

Before we even get into this article, we would like to openly admit that until today, we honestly didn’t know what PETA literally stood for.

Of course we had a general idea, and if given enough time to think about it, we could have probably figured out at least 3/4 of the words, but still, you learn something new and different everyday.

YouTuber, Kalel has just teamed up with PETA for a vegan friendly closet tour where she not only showed off some of the clothes that she has, but made sure to talk about her efforts to cut out any and all animal product clothing she previously owned.

“I very much look at every single tag. The bad words I always look for are leather, obviously, suede, fur, wool and silk.”

Damn, that’s dedication.

Kalel is mostly a lifestyle vlogger and has 1.9 million subscribers on her channel. She hasn’t always been a vegan though, and started to become one in stages, first cutting out animal products in her food, then her wardrobe.

As it turns out, the clothes were the greater challenge for her, but even tha,t after a while, became easy to step away from.

“The more ‘woke’ I became about where my stuff was coming from, the more I honestly just wanted nothing to do with it.”

The closet tour was a part of a peta2 campaign, which is the youth division of PETA, and is currently featured on their YouTube channel.

Check out the full video down below to learn all about what exactly living a completely vegan lifestyle entails, fashion and all.


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