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YouTuber Seriously Messes Up On What He Called A Prank

Not everyone gets the finesse of pulling off a prank.

For one thing, it has to be funny. Somehow, we’re having a hard time finding the humor in this one. YouTuber Bradley Carter faced a judge on Monday over a case that went way too far. Brad started his Youtube channel, Phone Losers of America back in the 90s (you know, ages ago) and got a hold of grocery store, Safeway’s customers. He had been running it up until November 2016, when the FBI (that’s right the fucking FBI) raided his home.

The prank was founded in calling customers and recording their conversations for broadcast on YouTube. Clearly it passed Brad’s humor test because it was enough to continue into the millennium. Brad got his hands on personal information from a customer satisfaction survey, and then proceeded to impersonate a Safeway employee so he could harass customers. He’d make fun of their complaints. In one case, a customer complained about the relocation of a Starbucks kiosk now in the back of the grocery store – Brad suggested it was a good thing and maybe that customer could stand to lose a couple pounds with the walk! Why did he do this?

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Dude, wtf. It’s one thing to go above and beyond in regards to the type of content you create, but don’t place other people’s information on public domain. OBVIOUSLY, that’s like breaking the law. He called customers from Massachusetts, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and yes, our very own California.

Brad’s YouTube channel is no longer known as the Phone Losers of America, so we guess he learned his lesson after a judge took pity on him and gave him a light sentence.

A screen grab of Brad Carter's YouTube channel.

The judge sentenced Carter to 8 months of home detention (yes that’s a thing) with GPS monitoring and periodic searches on his computers, plus 250 hours of community service and 5 years probation. On top of that? He’s gotta post $19,600 in restitution.

And that’s a light sentence.

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  1. SteveDave says:

    The reporter for that story put the wrong YouTube channel in the story. That’s his personal YouTube and nothing has changed on it. He has other channels for the show, which never stopped. Good job reposting a news story, though, without actually doing any research yourself. That takes much more skill than making prank calls.

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