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YouTuber Sneaks Into MTV Awards Show And Records The Whole Thing!

Simon Wilson decided to do what most people only imagine doing: sneaking backstage into an awards show.

But most of us would get busted, almost immediately. But for Simon, who has only 3.6k subscribers on his channel, made it into the awards ceremony in London no less, to rub elbows with the biggest names in music at MTV’s EMAs.

During his backstage miracle, Simon ran into U2, French Montana, and David Guetta…so you know, some pretty familiar names. Simon had one message to tell his fans, “Anything is achievable!”

Wilson did of course have a few run ins with security and personnel, but he kept his cool; pretending to have a long day and hating your job is the best way to fit in.

Simon got to really interact with some big names, as he recalls: “There were a lot of celebs and you saw the real side of them, and seeing them warming up and speaking to different people. To be honest it was a good experience, they are very down to earth. People put them on a pedestal.”

We totally agree. Celebs can be normal too…most of them anyway. Musicians have always had a strong connection to their fans, much more so then actors or reality stars. Imagine getting to know someone through their lyrics, as opposed to what producers wanna let you see on screen.

If you recognize Simon Wilson, that’s because he’s the same guy who snuck into the very well-promoted Mayweather vs. McGregor fight and even got a seat for free, worth $100,000.

Check out the video below!


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