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YouTuber Tana Mongeau Takes Her Talents To Twitch

Tana Mongeau’s Twitch debut was met with some criticism after the YouTuber hopped on the platform and declared it her “new thing.”

Whether you love her or love to hate her, there is no denying that Tana Mongeau brings in the views.  On YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter she’s got a combined follower count of over 8+ million so it makes sense that she would try to take over another popular social media platform.  The 20-year-old hopped on Twitch live stream to let fans know that this might be a permanent gig.

“I really like Twitch.  I think my new thing is going live on Twitch for like hours on end.”

The YouTuber was all dolled up with a full face of makeup while sporting her signature bleach blonde hair with her cleavage on full display.  One of her viewers even commented on Tana’s low cut top but she didn’t seem phased.

“I told you guys I’d be back with my makeup done, my hair done, and my tits out,” Tana shares in the stream.

Social media had a lot to say about Tana’s Twitch debut.  Although Twitch is known for its popular gaming streamers like Ninja and Tfue, there are tons of In Real Life (IRL) streamers but for some reason, viewers just won’t cut Tana some slack!

Despite the hate, Tana is set on becoming the hottest IRL streamer on Twitch.  She even embraced the “Twitch B—-h” nickname one user gave her.

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