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Ever Wonder How These YouTubers Got Their Weird Online Names?

In the online world, you’re highly encouraged to maintain some level of privacy. Part of that privacy may include changing your name to fit your YouTube channel.

Some of our favorite YouTubers have the weirdest names when you think about it. The biggest YouTuber in the world has a name that has absolutely nothing to do with his real name. So where do these creations come from? Well we did some serious investigating and found out as much as we could. Some were easy finds, some not so much, but we’ve got answers! Check out the YouTubers whose names had us scratching our heads.

1. PewDiePie (real name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg)

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Otherwise known as THE BIGGEST YOUTUBER IN THE WORLD; thanks to his 57 million subscribers, PewDiePie has managed to stay on top of the YT platform for quite some time. So how did Felix become PewDiePie? Felix originally had a channel called PewDie; Pew refers to the sound of a laser or gun shooting, and Die comes from the joy he gets when he kills an opponent in game play. He forgot his password and created another channel, adding Pie because he loves Pie. Sounds very PewDiePie indeed.

2. JackSepticEye (real name: Seán William McLoughlin)

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The always sunny YouTuber has a memorable childhood backstory to his nickname. Seán’s mom and siblings gave him the nickname; in Ireland (Seán’s hometown), John serves as a nickname for Seán…stay with us. In the UK, it’s Jack. We’re thinking he preferred Jack. “SepticEye” comes from the time when Seán got an eye infection after injuring it, and his friend started calling him “Jack Septic Eye.” Voila!

3. Superwoman (real name: Lilly Saini Singh)

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Lilly’s real name is used often as much as her nickname, but we had to give her a shout-out for using such an inspiring nickname. Lilly calls herself Superwoman because she believes everyone can be their own superhero. Lilly has been open about her depression, and after putting the pieces back together she decided to pay it forward by making us smile!

4. Grav3yardgirl (real name: Rachel Marie Meyer BUT you can call her Bunny)

We’re not too sure about this one, but based on her early beginnings which dealt with trips to the graveyard and other paranormal experiences, we’re assuming that the name naturally came from her interest in the subject!

5. Markiplier (real name: Mark Edward Fischbach)

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Another YouTuber whose nickname is still somewhat a mystery. Apparently, Mark’s YouTube name is a blended combination of his name Mark and the word “multiplier” which could refer to multi-player. Then again, why couldn’t his name be Markiplayer? We may never know!

6. KSI (real name: Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji)

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KSI’s nickname came from the one time he was 15 and decided to join a Halo clan. The clan’s name was KSI…simple as that!

7. H3H3 (real names: Ethan and Hila Klein)

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The married duo takes no prisoners in attempting to decipher the crazy world we live in. So how did H3H3 become a thing? Ethan’s middle name is Edward and Hila’s last name is Hakmon. So originally, their channel was supposed to be HEHE, but the username was taken, so a “3” was used to replace the E and H3H3 was born!

8. iDubbbz (real name: Ian Carter)

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No, the “i” doesn’t stand for Ian. It simply stands for I, followed by “dub over videos.” He has stated this in a Q & A video, so that was simple enough!

9. Yuya (real name: Mariand Castrejon Castaneda)

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As of August 2017, Yuya is the top channel operated by a woman, top non-English self-owned channel, and most subscribed channel from Mexico. Dayum girl! Yuya got her name from a Spanish TV show her uncle used to watch; a chubby character named Yuya would appear, and because Mariand was chubby as a baby, it stuck!

10. Thatcher Joe (real name: Joe Sugg)

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Zoella’s younger brother Joe Sugg has a simple reason behind ThatcherJoe. Sugg used to work as a roof thatcher in addition to the YouTube career we know him for!

So tell us, who surprised you? We wanna know!


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