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YouTubers Play Alongside Soccer Royalty in Wembley Cup!

Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler were just some of the big names playing alongside YouTube soccer stars as part of EE’s third annual Wembley Cup. EE is a British mobile network and the largest operator of 4G services in Europe! The final went down October 7th and you can catch all of the best highlights on YouTube.

Other soccer stars included Robbie Savage, David James, and Emile Heskey. The team led by YouTuber Spencer FC, won 6-1.  His team’s name? Hashtag United. Classic.

The match was broadcast on Spencer FC’s channel which got 300,000 live viewers. Oh btw, FC stands for Football Club. Hey, just making sure you’re in the know.

The series has been going on since September and has featured a bunch of super cool soccer (football in Europe) challenges. The series promotes EE’s pay as you go offer.

It’s one of the biggest European marketing techniques happening right now. It’s also raised a ton of money for Sports Relief. We’re already waiting in anticipation for next year’s cast!


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