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These YouTubers Just Got Signed For A Clothing Campaign!

You may have heard of Cotton On, the store that usually finds a comfy space in any given mall. Cotton Inc. is a marketing organization aimed at improving the balance between demand for and profitability of cotton. In an effort to further its mission, they’ve just teamed up with Studio71.

Say what?

The campaign is named Leave Comfort To Clothes, and serves as an encouraging motto for people to take risks in life – knowing that their cotton clothing will remain in place and unharmed.

How does Studio71 fit in? Creators will share videos that actually show ways they’ve abandoned their comfort zone. While they do this, they’ll also share their favorite cotton items that have helped them in the process.

Okay, okay we know you’re dying to know just who got signed on to do this Cotton On campaign. Expect Jackie Aina, Jeanine Amapola, and the one and only Lilly Singh to participate!

And if you want their swag and confidence, their selected clothing items will be available online at TheFabricOfOurLives.com, but only for 90 days!

Who’s ready to get inspired and go shopping?!