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‘Zac and Mia’ Showcases a New Side of Kian Lawley

Kian Lawley brings the best-selling book ‘Zac and Mia’ to life in the latest Go90 release that’s worth a binge.

Lawley says of his role as Zac in the heart-wrenching tale of a young man diagnosed with cancer: “”I wanted to be as real as possible when it came to what treatment he had to go through,” Kian explained, “How he would be feeling 30 to 60 days after treatment, if he had any post treatment wires hanging out of him, etc. Also, the emotional state he was in from being isolated for a hundred days. [It’s] really something you have to dive into mentally.”

The show also features an excellent turn by Alexis G. Zall as Zach’s younger sister and from Anne Winters who also scored a role in the upcoming second season of ’13 Reasons Why.’ While the series is certainly fighting against some teen soapy tropes, fans of Lawley should be pleased by his dramatic turn. We give it seven smiley emojis. The first four episodes are out now on Go90.


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