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YouTuber Zach Anner’s Rainbow Bagel Quest!

Hilarious YouTube star Zach Anner has cerebral palsy, and if for some reason you don’t know who he is, just go watch all of his videos right now. They are the definition of internet gold.

Anner recently decided to go find a damn rainbow bagel to see what all the food-trend fuss was about.

Rainbow Bagels for the uninitiated:

As the video posted on the Cerebral Palsy Foundation‘s channel shows, he just wanted to go on an easy quest. Anner says about the mission, “we’ll do something real simple, like go and get a bagel.”

The quest gets off to a rough start. All the elevators in his hotel have been full for 25 minutes. He can’t even get to the bottom floor in his wheelchair. But lack of elevator space won’t stop him from achieving his bagel dreams:

An hour later, Anner has finally made it to the sidewalk outside of his hotel. He is probably pretty hungry for that bagel by now. Once out front, a friendly doorman gives him directions to the subway, and asks Anner to bring him back a bagel. The stipulation: the doorman will only be working until 3pm. This sets Anner up with a tight deadline of 5 hours to get the goods and return. And he’s off:

Google Maps tells Anner it will only take 28 minutes to get to Brooklyn, where the Rainbow Bagels live. Of course there are going to be literal and figurative roadblocks along the way. He can’t get down the subway stairs in a wheelchair and the elevator entrance proves well-hidden:

Before he knows it, he’s headed for a boat, aka “Bagel Ferry”, because trains won’t take him to destination. By the time he gets to Brooklyn, he only has 1 hour and 45 minutes to pick up the doorman’s bagel and get back to the hotel.

Will he get there in time? Will all hell break loose? Will the doorman (named Judd, FYI) starve to death and Zach Anner be changed for accidental manslaughter? Find out by watching the whole video:

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