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Zoella & Alfie Deyes Nutella Vlog Comes Under Fire By The ASA

YouTube sensations Zoella (Zoë Sugg) and Alfie Deyes probably didn’t think their Nutella Breakfast Party Vlog was going to ruffle any feathers when they were cooking up these hazelnut treats this past February.

However, as The Drum reports, Nutella has very nearly avoided an ad ban from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after Zalfie’s vlog. The YouTube clip sponsored by Ferrero UK and posted in honor of “World Nutella Day” has been investigated by the Advertising Standards Committee due to the high sugar, salt and fat content of the creamy spread.

In the UK, there is limitation to what can be promoted to audiences where more than 25% of the audiences are minors aged 16 and under. A series of complaints prompted the investigation by the ASA, in which they found that less than 25% of PointlessBlog’s subscribers were under 18 and even less were under 16. PointlessBlog is Deyes’ personal YouTube channel where the sponsored Nutella ad was posted.

According to The Drum, the ASA said: “We considered that Ferrero, in association with PointlessBlog and Zoella, had taken reasonable steps to target the ads appropriately.”

Thankfully, Nutella as well as the beloved Zalfie are off the hook for this one, but it’s definitely an important factor and lesson to keep in mind for influencers and brands alike.



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