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73 Questions

Selena Gomez Is Captivating in 73 Questions!

If you’ve yet to see Vogue’s engrossing 73 Questions, let us pop your cherry. The engrossing interview series is also now up...

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Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson Kills the Podcast Game on ‘Shane and Friends!’

It’s not a surprise that Shane Dawson is excellent at podcasting. He co-hosts ‘Shane and Friends’ on Fullscreen with Jessie Buttafuoco. The...

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David After Dentist - Kids

Top 10 Most Hilarious Viral Videos Featuring Kids

YouTube has helped create a number of one hit wonder viral stars over the years and many of them have featured...

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Instagram Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Cross

We are so obsessed with Nicholas Cross and his Pokemon art, and yes, we just said Pokemon art.   With so many...

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King Bach

Vine Stars! Where are they Now? This Week: King Bach

If you don’t remember how popular Vine used to be, just think about Andrew B. Bachelor…still not ringing a bell? Maybe...

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Where Are They Now? YouTube’s “Brookers” AKA Brooke Brodack

Brooke Brodack, known as Brookers on YouTube was one of the original early vloggers during her teen years. She was huge...

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Half Jeans

A WTF Instagram Fashion Trend: Half Jeans

This totally bizarre trend is appearing across the social media platform and makes absolutely no sense. Meet half jeans, a fashion...

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chocolate rain

10 Years Since "Chocolate Rain": What's Tay Zonday Up To Now?

Yesterday marked the passing of an important internet milestone. On April 22, 2007,  University of Minnesota graduate student, Adam Bahner — now...

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jenna marbles

Jenna Marbles Gets A Hamster!

We all know Jenna Marbles would be nothing without her dogs. (After all, she’s got Marbles to thank for her famous...

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YouTube Announces Restricted Mode Update

YouTube has kept good on their promise to work on their restricted mode feature after facing backlash when multiple LGBTQ+ videos were...

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Chris Reinacher

Chris Reinacher Releases First Video After Leaving Buzzfeed, Trends on YouTube

Chris Reinacher has a bright post-Buzzfeed future ahead of him. Want proof? His first solo video ever just trended for two...

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bill nye

Bill Nye Premieres On Netflix To Rave Reviews

For any 90s kids out there, Bill Nye was pretty much the only reason anyone passed science class. On his legendary PBS...

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Social Media Remembers Prince One Year After His Death

Friday marked the one year anniversary since Prince’s untimely death. The musical icon, who passed away via accidental overdose exactly one year...

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The First Of Two Annual Brewery ArtWalks Is About To Happen!

The twice annual Brewery ArtWalk is taking place the weekend of the 29th and 30th, and we love the idea of being able...

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‘Werk’ Creators Talk Hard Work and Comedy!

In Los Angeles sometimes chasing your dreams means doing a lot of shitty work. That’s exactly what the hysterical indie web...

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Top 5 Instagram Videos You May Have Missed This Week

We’re coming at you with our weekly Instagram video roundup, and we’re pretty excited about the ones we’ve found this time around....

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Don Benjamin

Scanning Spotify: Male Model Don Benjamin’s Top Music Picks

Last week we brought you the top hits from Gina Shkeda‘s workout playlist. This week we’ve tracked down what Wilhelmina model and...

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Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Come Through For This Lucky Kid On Twitter!

Every now and then the sports world surpasses all the jocks and jockettes for a much more meaningful lesson. A young boy...

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