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Internet Freaks Over Photoshopped Ashley Graham Vogue Cover?!

Fashion Alert! Vogue has been accused of using photoshop to make Ashley Graham seem slimmer on this month’s cover. Considering the...

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Are Your Instagram Food Posts Racist?!

Hold up before you snap a photo of that pho: Your latest food-inspired Instagram post might be a little bit racist....

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Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Gets Comedy Web Series! Will It Be A Knock-Out?!

Who knew a retired boxer could still be so relevant? All hail Mike Tyson! The once infamous boxer turned funny man...

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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Migos, The ChainSmokers + Meghan Trainor!

Holy Moly! New Music Friday was a huge music drop day today! There’s so much fabulous good new stuff where do...

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Bart Baker

Parody Master Bart Baker Is Coming to A City Near You!

The all glorious master of parody, Bart Baker, has announced huge plans for 2017. For the first time ever, Baker will...

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Get Hyped! VidCon Europe is Coming!

If you love YouTubers then we are assuming that you already have tickets to VidCon. If not, then we think that...

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WTF Is Beertography? Gorgeous Photos of Beer Of Course!

Instagram is our favorite way to spend time. Lately we noticed a ton of gorgeous photos of beer with the hashtag...

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Honest Trailers

Livestream The Oscars With Honest Trailers!

The Oscars are almost here and what better way to watch than to Livestream the show with Honest Trailers and Screen...

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#Unfiltered Let’s People Speak About Depression On Instagram

Depression has a way of silencing its sufferers. Even in today’s technology-connected society, people are hesitant to talk about their painful...

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Jordan Doww

Exclusive Interview: Jordan Doww Talks ‘It’s Sketchy! + More!

Jordan Doww is one busy man. He’s dropping new shows left and write, keeping up with his vlogs, and being all...

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Click To See Banned #SundayMorningView Insta Photo!

If you don’t yet know about the hashtag and the movement #SundayMorningView check it on Instagram immediately. Their mission is simple:...

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Mystery Science Theater

Robot Roll Call! ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Is Coming!

The ‘bots are coming. Oh, and Jonah Ray and Felicia Day! The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 has released a cast...

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Isiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas Causes Fans to Freak With Casual Emojis!

You may have heard sports fans get rowdy at the game, you know, where the sport is actually being played. But...

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Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart Releases Incredibly Moving + Silent Video!

Hannah Hart has made in incredibly powerful video about depression that she posted yesterday, sending love to all her followers. The...

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Beyoncé Bows Out of Coachella + Twitter Melts Down!

It was the announcement heard around the internet today! Beyonce will not be a Coachella this year. We are sure this...

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PewDiePie Kills Hitler In Latest Video!

PewDiePie is clearly not done skewering his latest scandal. In his most recent video, he kills Hitler, and takes some pot...

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These Influencers Are Standing Up To #ProtectTransKids!

Yesterday President Trump removed protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. The...

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