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Australian Instagrammer/Blogger Just Made A Terrible Mistake

Australian blogger Belle Gibson may have just lost all her credibility on social media because of one unbelievably reprehensible act.

Belle admitted to faking FIVE different types of cancer. 

And why did she do this? To sell a fucking cookbook and app. It’s ridiculous to believe that someone would have the nerve to lie to anyone about something as serious as CANCER. She told her followers on social media that she had defeated cancer through clean-eating and alternate remedies.

Belle Gibson made over $420,000 in selling her products and recipes to the public. Her Instagram handle @healing_belle has since been privatized and all posts have been removed.

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Gibson, who is a mother to a four-year-old son Oliver, told her fans that she suffered a stroke in 2009. After rejecting medical treatment, Belle claimed she used alternative therapies to cure herself. Each time she was diagnosed with something, she used a detox. Then the cookbook and Apple app came along.

On top of LYING ABOUT CANCER she also lied about donating more than $300,000 to charities.

Her story began to unravel when those non-profit organizations she claimed to have donated to reported that they were missing said donations. Belle went into hiding and that’s when all her personal social media accounts were deleted.

Since the news broke, she’s been fined $410,000. That may be a lot of money but let’s talk about the real issue here: someone used social media to gain profit. The sticky thing about social media is that it’s kind of hard to really disprove someone’s credibility when the life we see is through a camera.

Also, nobody wants to really believe the worst in people.

We dug a little deeper into the story of Belle Gibson, whose real name is Annabelle Natalie Gibson. When looking at her past, it adds up. Nothing she has ever said is true.

This line of fallacy started in 2009 where she started posting like crazy on skateboard.com.au using unfavorable language; trying to be one of the guys. Her look was much darker; the complete opposite of the blonde belle her followers thought they knew.

belle hair


All we can say is, shame on you.