Trending's Top Influencers

  • BroFist Fidget Spinners


    PewDiePie is one of the most subscribed YouTubers with over 54 million.

  • 2Smosh

    Smosh is a YouTube comedy duo consisting of best friends, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They have been making videos since 2005.

  • 3Cameron Dallas

    Cameron Dallas is an internet personality who rose to prominence due to his popular Vine videos.

  • 4Zoella

    Zoella is a fashion and beauty YouTuber, who is one of the most popular and influential British YouTubers.

  • 5Markiplier

    Markiplier is a popular YouTuber most known for his “Let’s Play” video game commentary

  • 6Logan Paul

    Logan Paul is an online personality who rose to fame due to his popular Vine and YouTube skits and comedy videos.

  • 7Jenna Marbles

    Jenna Marbles is the most subscribed to female on YouTube.

  • 8Vegetta777

    Vegetta777 is known as one of the most popular Spanish speaking YouTubers.

  • 9Vanoss Gaming

    VanossGaming also known as Evan Foss is a popular Canadian YouTuber specializing in video game commentary.

  • 10KSI

    KSI is a British YouTuber, popular for his FIFA gameplays and comedy videos.

  • 11King Bach

    King Bach is a popular YouTuber and Viner, who was once the most popular person on Vine.

  • 12Nash Grier

    Nash Grier is a social media influencer, who became popular due to his Vine videos