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Ayla Woodruff Just Told Her Side Of The Whole Logan Paul Situation

Ayla Woodruff just spilled the tea on what it’s like having been replaced as Logan Paul’s assistant, and it’s shockingly lukewarm.

For any Logang member, Ayla’s face is one you have seen often. Her tiny stature is, ironically, hard to miss, and coupled with the fact that she is the one most likely to have a plate thrown at her during a vlog, Ayla was as much a staple in Logan’s vlogs as anyone else.

When the news broke that he had a new assistant, some people were shocked, and many wondered if that meant there was now bad blood between the two.

“Logan and I still hang out, you guys still see me on the vlogs all the time.”

In her comeback vlog that’s meant to revive her YouTube channel, Ayla explained that, despite the initial shock of Logan actually finding another assistant, the general split between the two hasn’t been that bad.

It’s clear that the two are still friends, and in her vlog, she even had Kong over at her apartment, so we know that they have to be close enough for Logan to still leaver her his dog.

“It’s no hard feelings. I’m super excited for him to have a new assistant and to get it straight, he will not admit this in the vlog, he did not fire me.”

We’re happy to see that despite the shake up in assistants, Logan and Ayla still seem to be friends. Who knows, maybe this will ultimately be better for her because she will now have more time to focus on her own vlogging career.

What do you guys think? Are you team Logang or team Aylisters?

Check out Ayla Woodruff’s complete video down below!