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Bae All Day: Mercedeh Allen

Mercedeh Allen – @MercedehAllen

Our Bae All Day is Mercedeh Allen, model since age 4, actress, and correspondent for Global Grind, who boasts over 335K Instagram fans.

What was your experience like Corresponding for Global Grind and did you get to meet Russell Simmons?

I was able to gain so much hosting experience working for Global Grind, which I’m super grateful for. I’ve done red carpets, press junkets, etc. for big films and tv shows because of Global Grind. Although I had previous experience, I was really able to get my feet wet there. I actually didn’t meet Russell Simmons until after I worked for Global Grind; he was a humble and cool guy.

With Acting, Hosting & Modeling under your belt at such a young age, which passion would you like to be known for the most?

I would like to be known for all three. I’ve always been a believer in doing it all if you can.

You’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment .. who was your favorite and why?

I actually have to say Amber Rose was one of my favorites, because I interviewed her right after her and Wiz Khalifa got a divorce, which as an interviewer puts you in a tough spot, knowing that you have to ask about it. But she was cool about it and opened up. I appreciated her response and I could tell it was genuine.

My guilty pleasure is…

Reality TV. I love watching LHH and Real House Wives. That shit makes me laugh.

If my days had one extra hour I’d…

Hit the gym with a trainer. Staying in shape is important to me, but luckily I still have a high metabolism, so my own workouts suffice for now.

The one thing I splurge on is…

Beauty products. I love trying new hair, skin, and make up products.

The last thing I googled was…

Vacation packages, my birthday is coming up.

What is your favorite social media platform that you use and why?

Instagram, because you can do everything on there in one, that other other social media platforms offer. It just keeps everything in sync without repeating the same content on different platforms.

Looking toward the future, what do you want to accomplish next?

Working in music management and publishing is something that I’ve worked in over that last year and a half. I would love to open a creative agency/management company in the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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