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Casey Neistat Is Putting All The Gifts He Gets To Good Use!

Casey Neistat gets hundreds upon hundreds of boxes sent to him on the reg by fans and various brands.

In a video he uploaded on Wednesday, he shows how he is literally out of space for all of these goods. Casey is super appreciative, but he just can’t store them any more and they keep coming.

Boxes are taking over his living space, and office space. It’s all really well organized, but there are only so many skateboards you can get before you lose track of them. So Casey decided a change was needed and instead of just throwing anything he didn’t have use for out, he decided to give the extra items a higher purpose.

Casey has decided to list them all on his eBay account and donate 100% of the proceeds to charity!

As of writing this, 24 items were listed (we’re sure a bunch more will go up soon, but listing items on the platform is very time consuming so expect to see more trickle in over the coming weeks). The things already posted include: longboards, skateboards, a Bluesmart suitcase, Battlbox tent, a 3-D printer, a drone, among many other items.

Proceeds will go to The Hispanic Federation and United for Puerto Rico.