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Colin Furze Just Upgraded His BMW In The Most Lavish Way!

There are luxury cars and then there are luxury cars.

When it comes to traveling in style, there’s little argument that a BMW can be equated to luxury. But for Colin Furze, BMW wasn’t luxurious enough, so he took it into his own hands and made a few upgrades. The YouTuber who has over 5 million subscribers to his channel is known for documenting whacky inventions and this week has proved no different. Yesterday, Colin posted a YouTube video chronicling his conversion of his BMW 3 Series into a hot tub on wheels - or, as he’s dubbed it, a BMBubbleU or Spa Car.

As he explains, the Spa Car uses the engine water system to heat the water and, thanks to two leaf blowers he’s attached to it, one can add bubbles to their bath time. And, truthfully, what’s a bath without bubbles?

While we’ll admit we’re a bit skeptical of the concept, he did take time to document its durability while in motion. Definitely gives new meaning to “making waves!”

Perhaps our favorite part is the built-in BBQ Colin added. Since most spas don’t include barbecue or anything other than cucumber water, we may be looking to book some R&R on the BMBubbleU.

Seriously, we’re all living here in 2017 and Colin’s cruising in 3017!