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Get Ready to Snap! With Dormtainment!

The very funny sketch group Dormtainment has landed a deal with All Def Digital for a sketch-based web series, and based off their sketches it looks to be very, very funny. If you are unfamiliar with Dormtainment, take at one of their most popular sketches here:

While Black Nat Geo is throwing it back with these guys it’s super relevant to their cutting yet hysterical racial commentary. Their new show about life as aspiring rappers looks no different. As they seek out their final opportunity to “make money forever,” in real life, it looks like their success is just beginning:

The guys are no strangers to creating cutting edge series online accompanied by biting satire. They’re also behind “Trapped Under the Bed” and “Porn Stories.” We can’t wait to see how their new partnership with ALl Def Digital pans out. Congrats, guys!