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Fans Broke Into The Clout House!

The $10 million dollar Clout house is the new pad for both the FaZe Clan and Clout Gang, and it’s pretty swanky.

And fans clearly have taken notice. About a week ago some people stopped by to harass FaZe Banks, videotaping the YouTuber from their car while trying to get a rise out of him. Now it’s happened again, but in another, more invasive way.

Banks reports in a recent vlog that 4 people broke into the house. The intruders recorded inside the mansion, and when they were discovered- Banks and company were able to get the memory card from them (after asking repeatedly) and he tried to convey to the fans that this wasn’t cool AT ALL.

Long story short, police came, and the guys are getting professional security for their home within a few days. They want you to know he will be armed at all times and is ex-military. So please just stay away from the Clout House, okay?

The guys are clearly shook. Banks says, “we’re all weirded out. We all feel super weird and violated.” Which is totally understandable and they seem to be handling this whole crazy experience pretty well considering the massive invasion of privacy that went down.