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David Dobrik Defends DACA, Shay Carl Is Back, & More!

We’re throwing down the September 7th episode of “Influencers Only” right now! Host Kimi Ellie is serving up all the breaking news you’ve gotta hear about today.

David Dobrik is not happy with Donald Trump, and for a good reason! He is a DACA recipient and is worried he may be deported as the end of the program looms ahead.


Having been gone for the past 6 months following the reports of an extramarital affair, Shay Carl has returned, recently signing up for Roman Atwood’s “Crash Bash”.

Tanya Burr is about to launch her latest book “Tanya’s Christmas” and it’s coming complete with a crazy interactive website where readers can enter contests and more.

Jess and Gabriel Conte’s tour annoucement went off with a bang, and quickly sold out 4 stops. To meet fans’ demands for more, the couple added a Chicago performance to the tour!

And for some incredible news: Elijah Daniel has decided to create his own “Team 10” that will be called The @ Pack!