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Instagram Artist Spotlight: Alfred Basha

In our newest edition of our Instagram Artist Spotlight series, we’re featuring artist, Alfred Basha.


Basha, who works within a pen and ink medium, has created an unmistakable voice for his art. Focusing on animals, he continuously reimagines their figures in combination with movement and other physical objects.

Movement #tb

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One year ago #throwback

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We know we always say this, but the detailing that he achieves with a pen medium is so impressive. Any and all art impresses us, but with a pen, you can’t erase.

Basha doesn’t just work with pen though, he works with many mediums even including painting with coffee.

Coffee break Best wishes for the New Year!

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If you’re finding yourself enamored with Basha’s work, you’re in luck, because he has a website where both his art prints as well as t-shirts featuring his various artwork are sold.

Mural work in progress

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Check out Basha’s other work on his Instagram account right here.