Instagram Artist Spotlight: @somehoodlum

We like to highlight as many artists as we can via our weekly Instagram artist spotlight piece, and this week we are all about @somehoodlum.


This illustrator gives us the perfect combination of talent and wit, and we are constantly finding ourselves impressed with not just the level of artistic skill within their pictures, but the cleverness behind their over all conceptual view.

Hypebeast prescription

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Hypebeast teletubbies

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By combining pop culture references with contradictory image,s whether it be Teletubbies, or putting someones face on a mailbox, @somehoodlum stands out amongst other artists.

In a way, you almost don’t know why you like their pictures so much, and isn’t that kind of the most fascinating thing about art? You either feel it or you don’t, and well, we feel it.


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Their Instagram remains relatively anonymous, but @somehoodlum has just recently branched out by opening an online store where limited products are currently available for purchase. T-shirts, as well as prints, can be found on their site, and we are hoping that more and more art pieces will soon be available.

To be specific, we see that Hypebeast prescription design and we want that on a shirt asap.

Wish the store had these

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To keep up to date with all new art, make sure you check out the rest of @somehoodlum’s Instagram.