Musician and social media star Zach Clayton has release a music video for his single “Odd Petals” and we’re bringing you an exclusive interview with the man himself to find out what inspires him, the YouNow social media platform, fans, and more!

What inspired Odd Petals?
My newest single, Odd Petals, which I released on Valentine’s Day is a love song about picking the odd petals off of a flower, the “loves me” petals. It was written by Tadjh and Tae Brooks and Rachel West, who I was really fortunate to work with, they are both so talented. I think the song is relatable to everyone who has been in love which is what I enjoy most about it.

What makes YouNow different from other social platforms and how did you gravitate towards it?
I had friends who started streaming and I heard good things about the app so I gave it a try. I love the platform because I can connect with my fans in real time while being silly and fun. It feels very intimate and I feel like I can be real with my fans.

Can you talk about the intersection of commerce and entertainment with branded content partnerships?
As the connection between digital entertainment and branded content grows, it’s exciting to be at the forefront of the boom. Through my success on social media, I have had the opportunity to work in collaboration with some of my favorite brands, while also establishing a career in music, touring and producing my own merchandise.

How do you strive to connect to fans?
I’m constantly in-tuned with my fans and interacting with them as I’m posting and streaming. I like to see what they think of my content and what they’re going through in their lives. I always try to come up with relatable content that my fans will connect with, that’s what’s most important to me.

What’s next for Zach Clayton?
I’m currently working on an EP which I’m super excited to release. I also am planning my own tour for this summer, “The Nothin’ But Love Tour.” I’ve toured a lot with other people but this will be my first time touring as the headliner, showcasing my own music, so I am very excited for that. Stay tuned for dates and locations!

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Check out the official video for Odd Petals!