Is Philip DeFranco Done With YouTube?

It looks like Philip DeFranco might be done with YouTube.

In his latest tweets, DeFranco posted about the fact that his video was trending number one on the platform until YouTube knocked it off by demonetizing the video.

This act seems like it may be the final straw for the vlogger who has already notoriously had issues with the site.

Last year DeFranco announced that YouTube was shutting down his channel after flagging many of his videos as inappropriate. While we know that DeFranco, obviously, still has his channel, this is not the first time one of his videos has been demonetized. Another video from last year also fell victim to this when he went on to talk about SJW and Lyft.

We can understand the frustration this must be causing him, because it’s hard to not notice a pattern in YouTube’s behavior.

DeFranco went on to clarify that he will not be taking his current show off of YouTube, but will be finding a different streaming platform for the show he currently has in development. 

What do you guys think about the drama? Are you team DeFranco, or team YouTube?