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LiveAF Celebrates Launch With Influencer-Studded Hollywood Event

LiveAF celebrated the success of the newly launched streaming platform at Madame Siam in Hollywood with top influencers.

The hottest streaming platform of 2018 celebrated at Madame Siam in Hollywood.  The venue was packed to the brim with LiveAF and Arsenic’s elite roster of influencers and models.  Guests strutted down the red carpet before being treated to a night of great music, drinks, dancing, and endless social media worthy photo-ops.

LiveAF aims to give content creators a platform where they can unapologetically show followers how they “Live Artistic Freedom.”   Whether their talent is music, dancing, acting, or just being themselves–LiveAF is their stage. The app also allows creators to engage with followers in a way that hasn’t been explored before.  The lines between friend and fan are blurred on this platform which encourages subscribers to join creators, make friends, be part of the show, and ultimately be a part of their lives!

The launch events theme kept the same party vibes their app is known for.  LiveAF took the show from your phone and brought it to Hollywood to celebrate a successful year with the apps rising stars and your favorite influencers.  The party’s guest list read like a who’s who of the digital media world.  Those in attendance included LiveAF CEO Colin HodgeAngelique W., Noelle Giorgi, Sayda, Holly Barker, Anouk Samuel, Daisy Marchesi, Jessie Cathh, LexxieAmalie Helene, Jocelyn Binder, Alexa Lawrence, Kendra Zager, Lauren Dascalo, Caitlin O’Connor, Tasha Courtney, Olivia Davis, HosannaErin Jones WesleySydney RoseAllana Maunai, Kirstie Patrice, Shilan, Sarah Jane, Victoria NguyenHannah Palmer, Katie BellChloe Othen, Abby Rao, photographer Bennie LA, and many more.


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