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Making Slime Is Now A Real Career If You Do It Right

Karina Garcia is like any other girl…but with slime.

We’ll explain:

Slime videos are one of those things people love to watch. We think it’s the aesthetically pleasing feeling of running your fingers through something smooth or watching glitter sparkle within a big ball of slimy goodness. They’re inexplicably satisfying; clear, fluffy, charm, fishbowl, etc. There are so many possibilities out there.

With possibility comes opportunity, and some creators are making serious bank…thanks to SLIME.

Just ask Karina Garcia (23) who used to be a waitress. She’s made so much money that she has managed to retire her parents.

How is this happening?” 

We’re not sure either Karina, but by the looks of it, demand really does equate to profit!

So who’s demanding all this wonder? Investors. Garcia doesn’t actually sell any of her creations, but sponsors pay Karina to create for their company.

Thanks to slime, Karina has been able to purchase a six-bedroom home, with a filming studio, pool, hot tub and guesthouse. We’re not mad…well kinda. The wonderful thing about YouTube and social media platforms in general is that creativity exudes from every corner of the world and we can all share in that greatness.

Kinda makes you wonder if you’re in the right career huh?