Twitter: The Art Of The Subtweet

The urge to subtweet sometimes occurs with such ferocious intensity that it is almost impossible for us to not act on it.


Unfortunately, this can also lead to devastating circumstances because even though the whole premise of a subtweet is to not mention the person you’re talking about, it oftentimes doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

The real question is how does one scratch the subtweet itch without risking the follow up consequences? Well, apparently all you have to do is DM @coreykindberg and he’ll do it for you.

Not all heroes where capes.

Kindberg is bravely bearing the weight of the Twitterverse subtweet by allowing other users to DM him their own subtweets that he will then Tweet out for them.

The point of this marvelous notion is to essentially bring an even greater anonymity to the already vague subtweet culture.

Watching Kindberg’s feed be filled with tweets ranging from salty to savage to just odd, we found ourselves endlessly entertained, especially because we’re sure Kindberg himself was not expecting such an onslaught of submissions.

We’re pretty sure that he’s got at least a few more days of back logged tweets ready to go, and we think that it’ll be especially funny if even in this mess of tweets, people still somehow figure out which ones are aimed at them.

Moral of the story? Be careful who you subtweet, the internet is forever.