There Is A Twitter Dedicated To Tiny Meals And We Are In Love

What is @FoodsTiny and how did we not know about it before?


Thanks to a recent tweet by Chrissy Teigen explaining that she fell into a rabbit hole watching dozens of tiny food videos, we too are now also obsessed with the tiny meals, and the care in which it takes to make them.

The Twitter, which showcases in depth meals that are no bigger than an inch or so, hypnotizes its viewers by treating every movement with the same care that one might treat an actual gourmet meal that they’re making.

The contradiction of these actions reside in the fact that half the fun of cooking is being able to eat and enjoy the meal afterwards.

Sure, you can still eat the tiny foods that are created, but they will be less than satisfying hunger wise, and if anything, feel like a tease for what the real thing could have been like.

Maybe it’s the fact that this somehow brings us back to our easy bake oven days, or maybe it’s just that we enjoy seeing normal things shrunken down to a smaller size. We’re not really sure, but one thing is for sure though, we’ve never related to Chrissy Teigen more than in this moment.

Okay, so that might be a lie, but still, you get our point.

For inspiration, or just for shock and wonder, head on over to @FoodsTiny to see for yourself just how oddly endearing these displays of tiny cooking really are.