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Twitter Loses Their Sh*t Over New Theorized Invention

We’ve seen a lot of bizarre trends hit Twitter, but some leave us questioning everything we’ve ever known even more than others.


The newest in a long line of ‘WTF’ Twitter moments to hit the internet is the artificial womb where you can, quite literally, grow a baby in your living room.

Before you flip out, don’t worry, it’s all fake.

Despite this fact, it hasn’t stopped Twitter from being absolutely unable to deal with any and all aspects that have to do with it.

Welcome to the video that started it all. It raises a lot of questions, some are bigger and more existential than others, but we’re here to focus on the ones that, even though they may seem unimportant, actually need answering the most.

Really, ’cause we do.

Thank you Twitter for refusing to put up with the internet’s sh*t. We forever love you for it.