We're Pretty Sure YouTube Hates Wrestling, Here's Why

YouTube forgot that the wrestling world is a pretty big one…

and they just decided to cut its’ resources.

Remember when YouTube’s Restricted Mode filtered out a lot of LGBTQ content? That wasn’t a good move, and neither is this one.

We’re going to explain why.

When General Manager of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW), Adam Blampied announced that their free weekly tapings (shown through YouTube) would have to be canceled, it hit the wrestling world pretty hard.

There are a number of wrestling promotions that use YouTube to reach wrestling fans everywhere. These companies need help generating revenue: Ring of Honor, PWG, ICW, Evolve and RPW among some. Even bigger promotions like TNA, NJPW and of course the titan, WWE will feel the hit of a social platform essentially screwing with an undying passion. It’s not a matter of fiscal danger for the bigger promotions, but the principle of wrestling being classified as an unfriendly form of entertainment, unworthy of monetization.

This algorithm just showcases the issue with transparency.

The bad news for YouTube?

Wrestling fans aren’t staying quiet about this anymore.

The hashtag #FightBack has been trending on Twitter, and a petition to remove wrestling off the offensive content list has skyrocketed with support.