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YouTube Couple Attempts 'Prank' That Ends In Tragedy

In a tragic turn of events, a young couple attempted a YouTube prank that went horrifically wrong and left one of them shot to death.


There are so many different types of YouTube channels, and it seems like, now-a-days, people are willing to do anything for views and followers. Usually this exists more so in a moral sense, but unfortunately, as in this case, it can also be in regards to violence.

This past Monday 19 year old, Monalisa Perez, was arrested after fatally shooting her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz.

Perez claims that she and Ruiz were attempting to create a YouTube prank video that consisted of seeing whether or not a book could stop a bullet.

There are so many things wrong with this that we don’t even know where to start, but we want to emphatically emphasize to NOT try this at home. Anything involving a real loaded gun is not a prank, it’s a dangerous situation that should be taken seriously.

Perez, who is currently pregnant, was charged with second degree manslaughter but is out on bail after paying a $7,000 bond.

Our thoughts are with Ruiz’ family and friends, and we hope that this tragedy can at least prevent future ‘pranks’ such as this from being attempted.