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YouTuber Pyrocynical Becomes Internet BFF’s With Kanye After Sending Him A Meme

Gamer and YouTuber Pyrocynical scored a follow back from Kanye West after he sent the rapper a distorted Kanye selfie meme.

Kanye West has over 28+ million followers and only returned the favor to 124 lucky people which now includes YouTuber Pyrocynical.  After the rapper professed his love for McDonald’s on Twitter, Pyrocynical replied to the post with a meme that featured a distorted Kanye photo.

Although Kanye didn’t reply, he immediately followed the YouTuber back.

Pyrocynical took this golden opportunity as a chance to invite Kanye to play Fortnite with him.  He hopped in his DM’s but unfortunately, he hasn’t received a response back yet.  It’s clear that Pyrocynical get’s the 41-year-old’s sense of humor so if he doesn’t answer soon he can always give him a nudge by sending another meme.

This isn’t the first time a huge artist has played Fortnite with a popular gamer.  Ninja played against Drake and Travis Scott earlier this year in March.  There’s a good possibility that Kanye might agree to the request because he has vowed to stay out of politics and video games would be a great distraction from the drama he’s created for himself lately.

Hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know if you want to see Kanye West and Pyrocynical go head-to-head on Fortnite!


  1. lol says:

    Friendship with Dolan Dark ended.

    Kanye West new best friend.

    – Lesbian Furry

  2. lo says:


  3. Ahhhhh says:

    They should play some dumb game Kanye likes. H

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