Dance Obsessed? Join the Crew of 'Boy Squad!'

Ladeees, get ready to scream because it feels like ‘Boy Squad’ was made just for you. Matt Steffania of YouTube choreographer fame has been tapped by Go90 to form the dopest dance crew around. If you aren’t yet familiar with Matt’s moves, allow us to show you.

Are you dancing yet? Yeah, that’s we thought. Steffania is the real deal with the real moves, so a show about forming a master crew is obviously of interest.

Steffania has recruited Will Simmons, Grant Knoche, Ken San Jose, Josh Cruz and Gabe DeGuzman. The premise of the show is simple- can they prove they have what it takes.

The first two episodes give some background on a few of the boys, but these guys feel pretty nascent when it comes to creating reality TV drama. They are simple guys who like to go to juice bars and miss their moms. We are not sure their sweet innocence is enough to sustain a show, but we do think their sweet, sweet dance moves are more than enough. Our advice to ‘Boy Squad?’ More dancing!

We give the show six out ten likes but with more dancing this has the potential to be a hit!


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