‘Brown Girls’ Will Offer Representation on a Major Platform!

‘Brown Girls’ just hit the big time, and for good reason. The show is giving voice to a Muslim queer girl- definitely not something you see on TV every day. HBO just picked up the fledgling Vimeo series.

Brown Girls — Episode 1 from Open TV (beta) on Vimeo.

Creator Fatimah Asghar and director Samantha Bailey will work to develop the show in a writer’s room setting. If you aren’t certain that this will be like anything else ever seen on TV, let us give you the low down:

The show centers on two best friends, Leila and Patricia, and their day-to-day lives in Chicago, as they struggle (like we all do) but with the added complexity of being “brown women.”

Leila’s a queer Muslim writer who is not out to all family members, and at times struggles with the duality of being Muslim, queer, and a modern woman.

Patricia’s a black singer who idolizes single and powerful women like Oprah and Gayle (who doesn’t), and enjoys flings and casual sex.

“Brown Girls” is funny, heartfelt, and more the deserving of it’s big screen leap. We give it nine likes on a ten like scale and can’t wait to see it on HBO.


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