‘Don’t Hang Up’ Offers Deadly Twist to Viral Fame!

“Don’t Hang Up” is now available on Fullscreen, and it’s well worth the ride. If you’re an internet junkie like us, you’re no stranger to the fact that you can get famous, big-time from pranks on the internet. This horror flick turns a prank against some shallow pranksters, and begs the question, did they have what was coming to them all along?

While keeping teens on the phone line and torturing them with horror devices is a pretty old trick, “Don’t Hang Up” modernizes old tropes with slick production and social media fame frenzy galore. Protagonists Brady and Sam played by Gregg Sulkin and Garrett Clayton respectively, are part of a four-person collective captained by Roy, aka “Prankmonkey69.”

The guys get off on prank calling to impress girls and get all those sweet “likes.” But when the tables are turned it’s interesting to watch which of these “friends” will throw each other under the bus to hopefully save their own ass. The film tips its hat to the likes of “Scream,” and even “Funny Games.” While predictable, it’s a highly enjoyable, fast-paced, intense ride (as any good horror flick should be).

“Don’t Hang Up” on this horror release, as we give it nine likes out of ten.


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