MatPat And The 2017 E3 Games That Will Make You A Streaming Superstar

We went to E3 to get you the full scoop on what’s going down in the gaming world this year. During the panel “What Games From E3 Will Make You The Next Online Gaming Superstar” we heard directly from some of the Twitch and YouTube leaders on their thoughts on streaming and the games that will lead the way this year.

Matt Patrick (aka MatPat of The Game Theorists) moderated the discussion and guests included Pamela Horton, Matthew Sohinki (from Smosh Games),and Kyle Bosman (EasyAllies).

The panelists were all in agreement that the primary difference across Twitch and YouTube are that Twitch is more driven by specific game titles and YouTubers attract audiences based on personality.

MatPat asked the panelists, for people looking to grow their audience- what 2017 E3 games should they stream their play with? Pamela said the HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus will get people on board to play new games and bridge the generational gap.

Sohinki thought Sea of Thieves would open world games with possibilities. Bridging the gap on platforms is Dragon Ball Fighter Z. 

Kyle agreed with Sohinki, adding Dragon Ball Fighter Z makes him tingly and is his pick. But he cautions to not stream Project Darwin. Throwing shade at the game because he rationalizes that you should ignore any title people say will be a popular esport. 

MatPat’s choice for best new game to stream for follower growth: Bendy and the Ink Machine. This title doesn’t have any gameplay but it’s been so successful for the fresh look it has. He also mentioned he prefers games that allow him to have his story and make choices, not those that are totally pre-scripted such as Assassins Creed.

The panelists were then asked: How do you get your name out there as a new streamer?

Sohinki gave the hilariously snarky but on point recommendation: “Don’t advertise your channel in comments of other channels.” He felt consistency and reaching out to others for collaborations was the better way to grow.

Pamela offered the advice of having  a profound amount of patience and put in the necessary groundwork. She added to also remember you have self worth. 

Kyle took the more pragmatic approach, stating that as a new streamer, you’re gonna suck for a long time but keep working at it. You do get better. 

MatPat noted the value of SEO (search engine optimization) and making sure to continually do well at maxing your titles and tags used in your videos to get more eyeballs coming in through Google.


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