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Facebook Has Brought Us The Funniest Story And We're Sharing It!

We’ve got a viral Facebook story on our hands thanks to Starbucks and a very pissed off customer.

A simple iced coffee has ruined a young man’s bottom…


Demit Strato turned a complaint into a viral Facebook post and we feel it is a social media obligation to share this wonderful (well maybe not so wonderful) information with you.

The Facebook post has since been removed, but thanks to investigative journalism, we found it on Twitter!

Although the fact that bodily functions have been seriously tormented in this situation, we can’t help but snicker at the fact that Demit would be so kind and open in offering us his discomfort and displeasure as a customer.

We hope Demit is feeling better, and maybe Starbucks will clean up their soy act and listen a bit more carefully? Just a thought.