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Facebook Wants To Help You Not Get Catfished

Facebook, aka the original catfish platform, is trying to make it harder for people to steal your photos.


In a world full of unclear privacy settings, Facebook takes the cake. What started as a semi simple site has evolved into multi-layered security levels, hacks and updated app settings.

In general, Facebook has been facing some serious discourse in regards to how they plan to fix their Facebook Live feature, which has been criticized for its lack of censorship in violent content.

Despite other issues, Facebook has made a step forward in protecting people’s profile pictures from being stolen through downloads, and screenshots.

The first step in this is a simple safe guard that now prevents pictures from being saved, downloaded or shared.

This is cool, but what we’re really finding ourselves impressed with is the effort to stop people from being able to screenshot images.

It’s getting harder and harder to truly make social media profiles private, because even with settings in place, the ability to screenshot makes it seem like a losing battle.

Snapchat’s feature of letting their users know that their image has been captured is one of the pioneering steps in making the idea of taking a screenshot a less desirable one, but there it’s still a possibility.

Facebook’s profile picture safe guard is aimed to put an emblem or visual design over the images so that anyone who tries to steal the picture knows it’s protected.

This is a new venture for the site, so there are still aspects to the update that need to be solidified, but we definitely think it’s an interesting step towards keeping their users privacy more intact.