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The Stax: Ballers !!!!!!!

Another day, another brand new type of The Stax coming your way, but this time, it’s all about those people who are ballin’ hard.

Take a step out of your own life for a second and live vicariously through all of the money that’s being thrown around in our premiere episode of The Stax, ballers edition.

After watching blacyoungstafb, we are suddenly wondering what life might be like if we had a shower filled with nothing but cash…would it be more thrilling than a bathtub full of it? Probably not, but we’ll take it.

Oh yea, and we’re sure you’ve heard of Blac Chyna before, right? Well as it turns out, her mom and her seem to be two peas in a pod. We’ll let you see what we mean by that one for yourselves.

Make sure you watch our complete premiere episode of The Stax, ballers edition!