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How To Complain In The Nicest Way, A Guide By Caspar Lee

Caspar Lee filed the nicest complaint we’ve pretty much ever seen against an airline on Twitter.

Normally, when someone gets screwed over at the airport, we’re used to seeing angry and fired up tweets telling them how much they suck and calling out the asshole people by name.

In this instance, Caspar decided to take a different route.

After reading what he wrote, many of his fans were quick to say that they would have been much meaner and that it was nice to see Caspar lead by such an example of still managing to be cordial, despite being treated the way he was.

Also, it’s nice to see that the only person he called out by name was the one woman who was helpful. Too many times the people who are actually doing their jobs well, get overlooked for the ones who screwed up. It’s pretty refreshing to see the opposite for a change.

American Airlines tweeted back at Caspar asking him to DM them, but honestly, we just hope that he gets his luggage and also that American takes his advice and does something nice for Debora.