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Nicol Concilio Calls On Twitter Followers For Help With A Personal Matter

Nicol Concilio has taken to Twitter to reach out to her followers for help on a personal matter.

We feel terrible for Nicol that she is having to go through the added fight and stress over something that was supposed to be left to her. It might seem small to others, but something as simple as a ring could mean everything to someone else, especially if they were close to the person whose ring it initially belonged to.

Nicol already has a tattoo dedicated to her grandmother, so we can assume that the two were close.

Quickly, Nicol’s followers reached out to ask whether or not she had proof that the ring was supposed to be left to her.

Unfortunately, people can be cruel, and we hope that Nicol has sufficient enough evidence that she can bring to a lawyer were she to take legal action in order to get the ring back. Hopefully her aunt has a change of heart, but based off of the above tweets, we don’t see that being a likely scenario.

Still, we truly hope Nicol gets what’s promised to her!